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  1. 29 Nov 12

    Sacrifice: The Chance to Change History

    Posted by mike-continuump... 

    in Continuum

    Up until the finale, none of the crimes or incidents intersected with the recorded historical events of 2077. Now we have the Theseus event, a terrorist attack that Kiera and most of Liber8 may be too young to remember directly, but it's the first time our heroes (or villains) have a chance to change history and know for a fact that they have done so. So did they?

  2. 21 Nov 12

    The Consequences of Things Left Unsaid

    Posted by mike-continuump... 

    in Continuum

    Whether it's Kiera's confessions to a delirious Carlos, Julian's deception of his family, Alec's pretending not to know Kiera, or the VPD's lack of understanding that Roland was a hostage, miscommunication takes its toll on almost everyone in this episode.

  3. 20 Nov 12

    Niantic Project

    What is the Niantic Project? And what is Ingress?

    Posted by NEUR0M4NCER 

    in Gaming, Science and Tech

    Conjuring similarly conspiratorial feelings as the marketing for The Matrix, Google sub-division Niantic Labs has created a tremendous amount of buzz for its new Android smartphone game. Be prepared though, you may need a good pair of walking shoes.

  4. 13 Nov 12

    The Power of the Mind: Thought Control & Hidden Files

    Posted by mike-continuump... 

    in Continuum

    Let's be honest. The juiciest morsels in this episode had absolutely nothing to do with the procedural plot. But who cares? We've got Kiera calling Kellog "Matthew"; we've got Alec finding hidden files in Kiera's CMR; and we've got Kellog meeting Carlos and surviving the encounter! What more could you want?

  5. 9 Nov 12

    Honesty, Loyalty, and Friendship - Can They Be Trusted?

    Posted by mike-continuump... 

    in Continuum

    Well, I guess the fugitives from 2077 (and I'm including Kiera) don't have the monopoly on shady morals. But while I'm not surprised that an episode about politics has a bit of underhandedness, it was interesting to note that Carlos prizes loyalty above all else, including his job.

  6. 7 Nov 12

    Assassin's Creed 3 - Review

    Posted by Diki_McLeod-Bakker 

    in Video Games, Games

    Assassin’s Creed appeared early on in the Playstation 3/Xbox 360 generation of gaming. And as we draw to a close of this extended generation we’re receiving our fifth game in the series to hit the home consoles. And as there’s a brand new number on the end of the title there is a brand new character and setting to play with.

  7. 30 Oct 12

    Continuum - Episode 6

    Liber8: Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?

    Posted by mike-continuump... 

    in Continuum

    "Past is prologue," says Kagame, quoting Shakespeare as he plays chess with his protege, Sonya, who answers, "And we re-write the prologue."

  8. 29 Oct 12


    James Bond - Skyfall Review

    Posted by David A McIntee 

    in Films

    This is a movie for fans of the the character of James Bond himself, and what he does - be it thumping people, blowing stuff up, bedding women, or glamming it up in exotic locales

  9. 23 Oct 12

    Testing the Grandmother Paradox

    Posted by mike-continuump... 

    in Continuum

    Some sci-fi fans, such as those who enjoy Dr. Who, don't necessarily care about the mechanics of time travel. Others, like me, love trying to wrap their brains around the implied rules of any particular time travel story.

  10. 23 Oct 12

    Star Trek : The HD Generation

    Posted by David A McIntee 

    in Star Trek, TNG, Syfy, Star Trek: The Next Generation

    Star Trek: The Next Generation comes to Syfy next week in a brand new format- HD. So what makes this airing so special?