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  1. 31 Jul 13

    Evil Dead Blu Ray Cover

    Evil Dead (2013) Blu Ray / DVD Review

    Posted by Dave Chapman 

    in Movie, Reviews

    The 2013 reboot of cult horror classic Evil Dead is released on DVD and BluRay this month. Is it a tired remake or a groovy gorefest?

  2. 29 Jul 13

    London Film and Comic Con | 2013

    Posted by Chelseaj 

    in Reviews, Events

    Full with merchandise and the increasing trend of 'Geek Couture' clothing stands, there aren’t as many comic orientated booths as you might find with other conventions.

  3. 9 Jul 13

    The World's End - Simon Pegg

    The World's End - Film Review

    Posted by Dave Chapman 

    in Review, Films

    Things are not right in the sleepy town of Newton Haven, but everything's right about the final movie in the Three Flavours trilogy.

  4. 4 Jul 13

    Now You See Me Poster

    Now You See Me - Film Review

    Posted by Dave Chapman 

    in Review, Films

    The flashing lights and special effects of the big blockbusters can fool you, drawing your eyes away from the real magic going on - an amazing little “heist” movie that’ll keep you mesmerised.

  5. 21 Jun 13

    Hummingbird Poster

    Hummingbird - Film Review

    Posted by Dave Chapman 

    in Review, Films

    Sounds like a typical Statham action movie? Well, this is far from it.

  6. 4 Jun 13

    Byzantium poster

    Byzantium Review

    Posted by Dave Chapman 

    in Review, Films

    The vampire story genre has been done so many times now that it’s almost becoming a parody of itself. Every now and then, something comes along to try and do it differently, making them either mutated creatures, or sparkling heartthrobs. Byzantium, the new film by acclaimed director Neil Jordan, brings us another new and slightly gothic take on the vampire classic.

  7. 24 Apr 13

    Iron Man 3 | Review

    Posted by Dave Chapman 

    in Iron Man 3, Review, Films

    After the massive success of Joss Whedon’s amazing “Avengers Assemble” movie last year, launching the second phase of Marvel’s Movie-verse was always going to be a tricky task.

  8. 11 Mar 13

    Willow | Interview with Warwick Davis

    Posted by 

    in Interviews, Film

    To celebrate its 25th Anniversary, Willow's star Warwick Davis reminisced on the film with

  9. 5 Mar 13

    Star Trek | The Video Game | Review

    Posted by Emma_Quinn 

    in Star Trek, Game, Game Reviews

    The Game is not only a title for fans of the television series and films but also for people who genuinely love sci-fi action adventure games and offers hours of exploration and fun.

  10. 25 Feb 13

    Cloud Atlas - Review

    Posted by Site Editor 

    in Cinema, Reviews

    Stunning visuals, immersive plot lines and a stellar cast – you need to see Cloud Atlas!