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  1. 21 Nov 14

    William Shatner Joins Haven

    Posted by Syfy Team 


  2. 21 Nov 14

    The Evolution of Robots

    Posted by Syfy Team 


  3. 16 Nov 14

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 - Film Review

    Posted by JFGregson 

    in The Hunger Games

  4. 10 Oct 14

    New York Comic Con - Live!

    Posted by Syfy Team 

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    See all the latest action from New York Comic Con

  5. 3 Oct 14

    The Story So Far...

    Posted by Syfy Team 

    in The Originals

    Get the lowdown on season one of The Originals and find out what's in store for Klaus and Elijah in the nail-biting new series...

  6. 18 Sep 14

    Twin Peaks Series 1: Episode Five to Finale

    Posted by Sophlouisehall 

    in Twin Peaks

    So, as Twin Peaks draws to an utterly confusing close, we're having a trip back down memory lane (Several trips down memory lane, in fact) to see how Agent Cooper and the gang got on with solving that pesky murder. Much like a damn fine cup of coffee, things are hotting up...

  7. 29 Aug 14

    Twin Peaks Series 1: Episodes One to Four

    Posted by Sophlouisehall 


    And so, as Syfy gear up for series one of Twin Peaks, we are here to guide you through with Agent Cooper, to find out the ultimate question: who the bally heck killed Laura Palmer? Actually, that's probably the most normal question we have so far. Here's our blow-by-blow account of the first half of series one, from Pilot, to episode four.

  8. 27 Aug 14

    Twin Peaks: Your beginner's guide

    Posted by Sophlouisehall 

    in Twin Peaks, david lynch, 80s, cult classic, Syfy

    When introducing yourself to a TV show for the first time, one should always approach with trepidation. When introducing yourself to a cult 80s series directed by mad wizard of cinema David Lynch, one should approach with quite a lot of emotional preparation, a hearty amount of free time, and several damn fine cups of coffee. As Syfy brings Twin Peaks to your screens this September, here is our beginner's guide on what to look out for.

  9. 19 Aug 14

    Into the Storm - Film Review

    Posted by JFGregson 

    in Film Review

    Does our critic fall Into the Storm?

  10. 28 Jul 14

    Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) piloting the Milano, in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review

    Posted by Dave Chapman 

    in Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy, Movie, Film Review

    Marvel leaves behind the super-heroics to head into outer space, but can the Guardians of the Galaxy live up to the trailers? Check out our review of the latest adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.