Chronicle Film Review

Posted by : Lyndsey Cooper

Director Josh Trank brings us a dark portrayal of the abuse of super powers used for egotistical purposes rather than in the usual hero sense. It will leave you with a slightly disturbed feeling about the corruption of the human mind if it were to whole heartedly believe that it has become top of the food chain, with more power than anyone should ever have control over.

Chronicle follows three school mates brought together after gaining superhuman powers by coming into contact with a mysterious substance found within what appeared to be a crater. They bond over their new found abilities to move objects with their minds and even fly. It was a pleasant surprise not to see any costumes come out of their closets, but the special effects were about equal to the life through a lens idea that brought the movie together. The entire film, bar the end is seen through the camcorder of one of the students with the biggest grudge against life in general.

If you were ‘gifted’ with powers beyond your wildest dreams what would you do? Chronicle is a documentary on the fragility of human life and how one thing really does lead to another and sometimes not for the good of mankind.

Rating: 3/5


CHRONICLE is in cinemas this Wednesday February 1st

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