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Imagine if there were a show where you could watch Walter Koenig play Chekov, and not only that, but an honest-to-goodness older Chekov.

How about seeing Sulu again, or Uhura? Or perhaps you would prefer an episode written by D.C. Fontana, script consultant and writer of many TOS episodes, or something directed by Tim Russ - Tuvok from Star Trek: Voyager...

Well my friends, you are in luck - doubly so, as you can watch all of the above for free right now!

Yes, we’re in fan-film territory today. Once the reserve of hard-core fans with an impossibly huge ‘suspension of disbelief’ gland, trading VHS tapes at conventions, Trek fan films have grown up. A combination of mature and accessible effects technology and the lack of new Trek on TV has meant that these independent productions are edging ever closer to ‘TV quality’. Each week we'll take a look at just one of the many shows, but be warned: once you dip your toe into the fan-Trek pool, the urge to cannonball is irresistible...

Let’s begin small and quirky; to get a good idea of the kind of show you’ll be watching, why not start with -

Star Trek: Dark Armada

Made with a Dutch cast and crew, and with great effects, Dark Armada is very watchable. Adding to the grand tradition of Trek inclusivity, the actors’ accents only serve to highlight the diversity of the Trek universe. The majority (all?) of the scenes take place on a green-screen set, with a mostly static camera, which takes some getting used to, but it’s well worth persevering. You can watch three 2 part episodes, and if you’re lucky, the team will be releasing a new episode, “Nightfall”, which is slated for release by the end of December


In my next blog, I'll look at Starship Exeter, and the TOS-era adventures of Captain John Garrovick and his crew.

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