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  1. 29 Nov 12

    Sacrifice: The Chance to Change History

    Author mike-continuumpodcast

    Up until the finale, none of the crimes or incidents intersected with the recorded historical events of 2077. Now we have the Theseus event, a terrorist attack that Kiera and most of Liber8 may be too young to remember directly, but it's the first time our heroes (or villains) have a chance to change history and know for a fact that they have done so. So did they?

  2. 21 Nov 12

    The Consequences of Things Left Unsaid

    Author mike-continuumpodcast

    Whether it's Kiera's confessions to a delirious Carlos, Julian's deception of his family, Alec's pretending not to know Kiera, or the VPD's lack of understanding that Roland was a hostage, miscommunication takes its toll on almost everyone in this episode.

  3. 13 Nov 12

    The Power of the Mind: Thought Control & Hidden Files

    Author mike-continuumpodcast

    Let's be honest. The juiciest morsels in this episode had absolutely nothing to do with the procedural plot. But who cares? We've got Kiera calling Kellog "Matthew"; we've got Alec finding hidden files in Kiera's CMR; and we've got Kellog meeting Carlos and surviving the encounter! What more could you want?

  4. 9 Nov 12

    Honesty, Loyalty, and Friendship - Can They Be Trusted?

    Author mike-continuumpodcast

    Well, I guess the fugitives from 2077 (and I'm including Kiera) don't have the monopoly on shady morals. But while I'm not surprised that an episode about politics has a bit of underhandedness, it was interesting to note that Carlos prizes loyalty above all else, including his job.

  5. 30 Oct 12

    Continuum - Episode 6

    Liber8: Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?

    Author mike-continuumpodcast

    "Past is prologue," says Kagame, quoting Shakespeare as he plays chess with his protege, Sonya, who answers, "And we re-write the prologue."

  6. 23 Oct 12

    Testing the Grandmother Paradox

    Author mike-continuumpodcast

    Some sci-fi fans, such as those who enjoy Dr. Who, don't necessarily care about the mechanics of time travel. Others, like me, love trying to wrap their brains around the implied rules of any particular time travel story.

  7. 19 Oct 12

    Go With Your Gut; Trust Your Instincts

    Go With Your Gut; Trust Your Instincts

    Author mike-continuumpodcast

    "You're going to want to trust your gut out there, Cameron - don't! Instincts are good, but what's going to make you a great Protector is the tech." Perhaps this speaks to the oppressive society of the 2070's. Don't question things; trust the devices and computers that the corporations have provided.

  8. 12 Oct 12

    Continuum - Episode 3

    A New Genre Of Television: The Sci-Fi Procedural

    Author mike-continuumpodcast

    This episode exemplifies what makes this show succeed: the perfect marriage of a police procedural with sci-fi mythology. Where CSI used graphics to take us inside the body, Continuum uses CGI to make Kiera's tech its own character.

  9. 4 Oct 12

    Continuum - Imagine 2077 - Home of the Future

    Imagine 2077 - Home of the Future

    Author Web Editor

    I was actually surprised to see how un-futuristic Kiera's home appears to be, given that this scene is set 65 years from now. But then I started to question my view of the future home.

  10. 27 Sep 12

    Continuum - Group

    Imagine 2077 - Inspired NYC

    Author Web Editor

    So I woke up this morning to find my instant espresso machine on the fritz, this is no good as I have a huge hangover and need to be downtown Manhattan for the Festival Celebrations of the fall/autumn, 27th Sept...

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