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  1. 5 Dec 12


    Author NEUR0M4NCER

    Imagine if there were a show where you could watch Walter Koenig play Chekov, and not only that, but an honest-to-goodness older Chekov.

  2. 19 Mar 12

    Syfy Highlights

    Author Site Editor

    The highlights from your favourite Syfy shows and more!

  3. 24 Nov 11

    Be seeing you…again

    Author Dean Newman

    With the reimagining of The Prisoner breaking out, or not as the case may be, on Syfy screens every Wednesday, Dean ‘he is not a number he is a’ Newman takes a look at other remakes, reboots and rehashes that have hit our screens, both big and small.

  4. 14 Nov 11

    The Prisoner Returns

    Author Vincent Fox

    With the remake of The Prisoner starring Jim Caviezel showing on Syfy, Vincent takes a look at some other shows which have been given the 21st century treatment.

  5. 25 May 11

    Top Ten TV Tough Guys

    Author David A McIntee

    When it comes to TV hard men Human Target’s Christopher Chance is in good company. David runs down his list of the ultimate televisual bruisers. The good, the bad and the immortal.

  6. 24 May 11

    10 TV Shows That Shouldn't Have Been Cancelled

    Author David A McIntee

    With the cancellation of Human Target making waves just a few days before the start of the second season on Syfy we're celebrating ten shows that were taken from our screens before their time. And yes, Firefly is in the list.

  7. 24 Feb 11

    Sigh, Robot - TV's Worst Robots

    Author Dean Newman

    For every iconic robot you see on film or television there are those who are just a bit on the rubbish side. Dean Newman counts down the worst five that should be taken for recycling.

  8. 16 Feb 11

    Thanks for the memory chips: TV’s finest robots

    Author Dean Newman

    The oh so futuristic robots that cut the grass on their own on Tomorrow’s World not withstanding television has been home to some of the finest robots ever. Dean Newman blows a few microchips as he counts down the coolest.

  9. 16 Dec 10

    Syfy Christmas Calendar

    Author Web Editor

    There's always so much going on at Christmas it can be hard to know where to spend your precious time. Luckily we're at hand to talk you through all the major Syfy events, from The Warehouse 13 Christmas Special to Kung Fu Christmas.

  10. 4 Nov 10

    Manimal RIP

    Author Dean Newman

    It may have only lasted a meagre eight episodes but for a generation Simon MacCorkindale, who has sadly passed away aged 58 after his battle with cancer, will forever by associated with his role in Manimal.


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