Sacrifice: The Chance to Change History

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An analysis of Continuum, Season 1 Episode 10: "Endtime"

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By Mike - one half of the team responsible for Liber8: a Continuum podcast with Mike & Dave

Continuum - Episode 10Up until the finale, none of the crimes or incidents intersected with the recorded major historical events of 2077. Now we have the Theseus event, a pivotal terrorist attack that Kiera and most of Liber8 may be too young to remember directly, but it's the first time our heroes (or villains) have a chance to change history and know for a fact that they have done so. So did they?

What have we learned from Kagame's sacrifice? Did he change what happened, or did he merely enact it? The "infinity" statue was still broken in the same way that we saw in the episode 1 flashback. This would seem to indicate that our intrepid time travelers are merely acting out history as it has already happened, the unwitting participants in a pre-destined past. If this is the case, why does Kagame tell young Alec that his 2077 incarnation convinced him that he could change things?

And what a conversation that was! Alec is certainly not daunted by time travel causality issues. When Kagame mentions that he and Alec have spoken before in the future, Alec simply responds, "Did the future me happen to mention that all this business took place in my past, or are we breaking new ground right now? I mean, knowing for sure that I'm going to survive long enough to make that meeting would certainly change how I handle this situation." And of course, the pebble and tsunami analogy is a perfect illustration of what everyone is trying to do: stop a tidal wave with a bucket. Can Kagame really change history, or are events like the kidnapping of the Exotrol CEO just minor deviations that are "healed" in the overall timeline that leads to the oppressive Corporate Congress future? How much difference can any one person make?

Time travel aside, how do you feel about Kiera waking up on Kellog's boat? Even if we allow for a certain amount of vulnerability in the previous episode, Kiera does not appear to feel all that guilty about the tryst. Was it all a ploy to acquire the time travel device? Did she take advantage of Kellog's obvious attraction for her? I want to believe that she's just that conniving, but I think it's clear that "Matthew" is slowly breaking down her defenses.

Nicholas Lea as Agent Gardiner provides us with an X-Files reunion of sorts since "Smoking Man" has returned as elder Alec. Gardiner questions Kiera's credentials and almost brings the entire "Section 6" fiction down like the shards of glass and concrete that rain down on them at the end. Although the mysterious Mr. Escher intervenes with the head of CSIS, Gardiner will clearly be a skeptic in season 2 since he has seen Kiera's suit render its wearer invisible. It's refreshing to know that we will have someone to act in opposition to Carlos' blind acceptance of Kiera's near-omnipotence.

Continuum - Episode 10Jason is a new character introduced in this episode, played by sci-fi vet, Ian Tracey. This "execution technician" was sent back to 1992 during the same event that sent Kiera and Liber8 back, which is interesting enough from the standpoint of how long he has been there, but more importantly, Jason indicates that "freelancers" and "privateers" are traveling from other time periods as well. Oh really? And this "Mr. Escher" is coordinating their activities? Is he blowing his cover now to help Kiera, or is he making sure things go according to a different plan?

Alec certainly seems to indicate that Kiera is there for a reason, and the message from himself indicates that his elder counterpart was responsible for her being sent back. Well, that's no big surprise to us, since we saw his reaction to the time travel "explosion" in episode 1, but Alec tells Kiera, "You'll never guess why." Talk about a cliffhanger! Not to mention - did Sonya really eliminate her beau, Travis? Are we now left with only three Liber8 members?

Until the next season, we'll just have to wonder. You should join in on the speculation and discussion with Dave and I in Show 011 from our podcast archives. And now that the season is over, all of our interviews and other content are spoiler-free! Our hiatus podcast continues as well, so come commiserate with your fellow Continuum withdrawal sufferers at Don't forget to take the Continuum Season 1 quiz here at as well!

Mike is one half of the team responsible for Liber8: a Continuum podcast with Mike & Dave. The pair continues to podcast during the season one hiatus in Canada. They have interviewed several cast and crew members and hope that the UK audience has enjoyed Continuum and their humble podcast.


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I think Simon Barry has no intention of ever revealing the time travel model he is using; he wants us to draw our own conclusions. However, he has assured fans that they DO have a model that they work from. My theory is that they are using the "self-healing" model, where history itself makes corrections to keep events on the "true" path. One can make small changes easily, but larger changes are more difficult since Time resists one's efforts. But that's just me. ;)


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