Warehouse 13 A-Z: 'T'

Posted by : Jude Plunkett

T is for...

The Tesla gun is my first T.  Supposedly created by Nikola Tesla, the Serbian inventor best known for his work in the field of electromagnetism, the Tesla is an electronic stun gun used by Warehouse Agents.  For them it is preferable not to use lethal force if at all possible. In ‘Mild Mannered’ Claudia Donovan states that HG Wells did them a favour by killing ex-agent gone bad James MacPherson; Agent Artie Nielson replies, ‘killing does no-one a favour, that’s why we have Teslas not bullets’.  In ‘Time Will Tell’ we learn that it was HG Wells who (when she was still an agent), first introduced the Tesla to London based Warehouse 12, after encountering Nikola Tesla at the Chicago World Fair in 1893.

And joining the Tesla in this section is Harriet Tubman’s thimble.  African–American Ms Tubman was a renowned abolitionist and Union spy during the American Civil War.  She rescued more than 70 slaves using the network of activists and safe houses known as the ‘Underground Railroad’.  That is all factual information but here is where the Warehouse slant begins.  Apparently Harriet wore the thimble whilst she stitched the rags of fellow slaves and according to Artie in ‘ MacPherson’ it ‘became imbued with her dreams of a better life and developed properties of light refraction’.  

This means that if you are wearing the thimble people see you as someone else.  It is why, when Leena (whilst under the influence of the Pearl of Wisdom) is the ‘traitor’ at the end of season one, it is Claudia that everyone sees on the Warehouse security cameras.  The programme does not actually explain how you are able to choose who to be but this is Warehouse not scientific research so hey what the heck!  I’m telling you now though if this was in any way a real object I would so want to be seen as Elisabetta Canalis (George Clooney’s girlfriend); just a few hours would be fine, I’m not greedy!

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