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When the group of fanatic terrorists known as Liber8 escaped their planned execution in the year 2077, they vaulted back in time to the year 2012, sweeping dedicated CPS Protector, Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) along with them.

Now in 2013, Kiera is increasingly isolated as she continues to pursue Liber8, unable to get back to her husband and son. Teen tech genius Alec Sadler has had a glimpse of his future which begins to change his life while he continues to support Kiera. With the dawning realization that her perspective on life in the future is undergoing a fundamental shift, Kiera struggles to continue with her mission.

Following Season One’s exciting finale, series creator Simon Barry says that one of the themes fans should look out for in the next 13 episodes is "Destiny", and promises Season Two will dig even deeper into the characters we’ve met along the way and focus on the potential consequences of time travel.

Here he is talking to TV Overmind:

"I can certainly say that we get to play a lot of the relationships of the characters out in a way that we didn't get to do in season one. There's a lot of dynamics at play and now everyone has stakes in this game and as those stakes become chips that can be played everyone has a point of view as to how they can best take care of themselves and control their own destiny. Information comes to light, people make alliances, people split up and break connections and a lot of the positioning of these characters comes down to how they're gonna control not only their lives in the present but also in the future. Control and power are two themes that run heavily through season two.

I can also tell you that season two's story picks up very shortly after season one. There is a bit of time that's passed but not a lot and it's certainly not enough that anything's been reset. I think it would be cruel and inhuman of me to make the audience wait very long to find out what Alec's season ending message to Keira was about so we're not gonna make the audience wait."

(Via TV Overmind)

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i love this site stuff.

When will season 3 air in the UK?

Come on syfy, time for an update! Has it been cancelled?

I emailed syfy and they say they have no schedule for when season 3 will air in the UK if at all!

Two will dig even deeper into the characters we’ve met along the way and focus on the potential consequences of time travel.

Come on Syfy, when are we going to get Continuum season 3 in the UK? Surely there is room in the schedule. It's already on Netflix US and we're left guessing!

I thought I'd chime in and add some pressure to announce a UK air date. Any news, please?

Come on you can't leave us hanging when will you show season 3 ?

C'mon, are you guys going to renew? You know you want to!

I watched seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix and see they have recently been repeating these seasons on syfy - this suggested to me that they were building up a fan base for season 3, or testing the water to see viewing figures before buying the next season???

You can watch season 3 on popcorn4tv, google it.

Another vote here for Season 3 - why on earth are Syfy UK not showing it yet? All the new shows now showing and coming soon, they seem to just push the established series out, and then they in turn get dropped, and we get no (ahem...) Continuity. Or should I say no Continuum.
Please bring us Season 3, and support the making of Season 4 - this show can go in many directions, and I'd like to see what they do. I'd like to see Keira starting to see that maybe the cause of all the problems is in fact Alec, not Liberate or Julian.

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