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Have you caught your breath yet following that nail-biting climax to season 3?
No? Well, we don’t blame you for that! Nobody saw that coming.

This season Haven is back, bigger and better than ever but this time
everyone’s favourite FBI agent isn’t quite feeling herself.

We pick up 6 months after the events of season 3, and it soon
becomes clear that life may never be the same again for the mysterious town’s

Meet the characters

Audrey Parker
Audrey Parker
Emily Rose
Nathan Wuornos
Nathan Wuornos
Lucas Bryant
Duke Crocker
Duke Crocker
Eric Balfour

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Haven | Haunted Documentary | Online Exclusive

It all gets a bit scary when the cast and crew of Haven go to a haunted house (a real haunted house!) to film the Halloween episode of the show. 

It's all real! 

Tweet your comments about the documentary using #HavenUK

 We'll have the Halloween episode on Tuesday 6 November at 9pm

Haven Season 3 - Interview

Emily Rose (Audrey Parker), Lucas Bryant (Nathan Wuornos) and Eric Balfour (Duke Crocker) talk to Syfy about what to expect in Season 3 of Haven.

It's going to be a good one!

Haven - Recap

Haven Season 3 starts Tuesday 2nd October at 9pm

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