The Amazing Spider-Man Review

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One of Syfy's favourite superheroes is back, and he’s had a reboot. Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans star in the 2012 remake of the classic comic book story: The Amazing Spider-Man.

True to its original comic book roots, Director Marc Webb has revisited the Spider-Man story from the very beginning. We meet Peter Parker as an average high school student and join him on his journey of discovery – from the death of his parent’s to his transformation as New York’s finest superhero. 

In the reboot, Spider-Man loses his web-shooter wrists and instead fashions his own superhero machinery. This film is less about the fantasy and most definitely adds a ‘what if’ and ‘this could really happen’ slant on the previous franchise of films. If we were lucky enough (seriously, how cool would it be!) to be bitten by a toxic spider, we’re pretty sure this is how it would all unfold – the story is totally believable.


Andrew Garfield is effortlessly cool as Spider-Man, but still retains the teenage angst and insecurity of Peter Parker. Although it sometimes feels as if Emma Stone is somewhat too old for the role of a teenage schoolgirl, it is hard not to fall in love with her character, Gwen. She’s headstrong, independent and naturally beautiful. Director Webb has allowed plenty of time for their fledgling romance to play out before any monsters, villains or indeed, The Lizard arrives on the scene.

The addition of 3D turns the movie in to a real event, and we are transported to the heart of Spider-Man’s world.

Syfy loved this film and we’re sure you will too - one moment you’re watching Peter Parker fight off school bullies on the basketball court, the next you’re on top of a New York skyscraper with Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man is in UK cinemas from 3rd July.

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