First picture from the new Spider-man movie

Posted by : Web Editor

Big news ladies and gents... well, big photo at any rate. The first official photo of Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) as Spider-man has been released. And here it is. What we see is a downcast and slightly battered Garfield in the all important Spider-man costume.

He's certainly a lot skinnier than Tobey Maguire (who famously bulked up for the role) was in his inaugural outing as the web slinger. But that makes sense when you consider that Peter Parker is supposed to be a geeky boy next door. Sam Raimi's Spider-man movies got round this by showing pre-spider-bite Parker as a lightweight and post-spider-bite as the aforementioned beefcake. But it seems that director Marc Webb is keen to go via the Kick-Ass school of superheroes whereby a teenage boy superhero is just that, with Garfield seemingly bulk-free for the role.

The grimy costume itself looks rougher in texture than the Maguire suit and more akin to a Batman costume in terms of material. The Spider-man logo seems to have received an overhaul too.

The background looks heavily superimposed and I would take this to be a one off studio shot rather than a still from the production. If that's the case we can only assume all the added grime on the costume is meant to imply 'darkness'.

What do you think of the first look at the new Spider-man? Is Garfield the man for the job?

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