Matthew 'Kick Ass' Vaughn to helm new X-Men movie?

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Well, the swings and roundabouts of the X-Men directing job continue at full pace. You may remember that Matthew Vaughn (Britsh director of Stardust and Kick Ass) was originally in the chair to direct X-Men: The Last Stand in 2005, but he handed the reigns over to Brett Ratner at the last minute because he was concerned that 20th Century Fox would take too much control.

Then, at the end of last year we reported that X-Men 1 & 2 director Bryan Singer was due to make a shock return to direct a fourth movie. Well, now it seems that after deferring his place on The Last Stand Matthew Vaughn is going to be the man to direct the next X-Men movie - X-Men: First Class - or maybe not.

Some reports are suggesting the deal has been done, while others are suggesting that again Vaughn is going to back out because of concerns over creative control (something he would've had a lot of on Kick Ass).

As the title suggests X-Men: First Class will deal with the early days of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, et al. So expect plenty of teen angst and metaphors around emerging superpowers as hormones. No word yet as to whether Patrick Stwewart will return as Professor Xavier, or whether they'll be showhorning Wolverine into the storyline. 

Who do you think should get the X-Men directing job?

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