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Meet the new residents of Midnight

When last we left the gang, they had just defeated a demon, and things were seeming rosy for all our Midnighters, however now a seemingly benign threat may be the biggest ever upset to hit the small town.  At the end of Season 1, we saw bulldozers arriving, hoping to renovate the town’s old hotel and to make Midnight a tourist destination. Doesn't sound too bad right? But this small town is not one for having all this extra attention...

The newly opened Crystal Desert is the name of the new hotel-cum-New Age healing center that is being run by two new characters this season: the holistic energy healer named Kai ( Lost's Nestor Carbonell) and this wife Patience (Jaime Ray Newman). 


Kai is a holistic energy healer of considerable skill — or is he a con artist, as some of the Midnighters suspect? Fiji in particular is skeptical of Kai's arrival. After seeing him do his best Jesus impression and walking on water, It wouldn't be a wild guess to believe that with Kai encroaching on Fiji's territory, she may find herself a little less tranquil then normal. 

We're very intrigued by Patience Lucero. Will her introduction to the town bring good or bad for its oldest residents? One things for sure she is she not someone who will be told what to do, “I never listen,” she says. “Just ask my husband.” Oh, and Patience seems rather too friendly with our hero Manfred.

Walker Chisum is also set to strut into town. Openly gay, he hunts demons and has an “intense connection” with Joe from the off. Driven by revenge and with an undeniably intense attraction with Joe, Walker is set to get Joe into more trouble than either expect.

And who could forget about Mr. Snuggly...


In season 1 of Midnight, Texas the biggest threats came from below the ground. But in this season the biggest threat is among the Midnighters. Does this come from the new residents? Are they to be trusted? Nothing can be expected in the new season of Midnight, Texas returning next Thursday, 9pm only on SYFY.