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Primeval: Most Iconic Creatures

At the very core of Primeval lives its creatures. Across the shows five season we witnessed prehistoric beasts from a variety of different era's and periods. Here we countdown our favorite creatures from the iconic show: 

5. Terror Birds

One of the most commonly reappearing creatures throughout all seasons of Primeval, these big birds sit on our list due to their ferocious beaks, iconic squawking sounds and feathery frenzy that resulted in them becoming an iconic primeval monster.

They were unstoppable, and their methods of killing were brutal. They use their heavy beaks to tear flesh away and could run 65km/h. They are almost impossible to take down, and fundamentally pack killers.


2. Spinosaurus

One of the largest animals to enter the twenty first century through an anomaly, this creature was first seen when it encountered Abby and Connor in the Cretaceous Period. The reptile reeked havoc on the streets of Liverpool until Connor accidentally dropped the Anomaly Opening Device down the Spinosaurus' throat, an Anomaly opened up from within the Spinosaurus and engulfed it, sending it through to an unknown time period.


3. Coelurosauravus

Here we refer to Abby’s adorable pet lizard, Rex, whom was in the show as long as his owner. He is a beautiful little creature, who seemed to be the victim of any unsuspected meanie who could get their hands on him, namely the terrifying ‘James Lester’. No one likes seeing innocent creatures get hurt – especially cute ones.


4. Columbian Mammoth 

A large male Columbian Mammoth came through an Anomaly onto the M25 in the present day. Unable to smell its herd, the Mammoth went into a panic and caused chaos on the M25, throwing vehicles through the air. Due to the chaos the Mammoth was causing, the M25 was evacuated and the Anomaly Research Centre team were sent to deal with the threat.

Although not necessarily a dinosaur, this prehistoric beast, was a species of hairless mammoth that roamed North America till around 8000 years ago. Most memorably wreaking havoc on the M25 on more than one occasion, the mammoth created press coverage and leaks that threatened the integrity of the anomaly operation. But redemption happened when the mammoth famously saved James Lester against the wrath of a predator. This elephant ancestor definitely became a staple throughout all seasons of Primeval.

5. Future Predator

We know this is the obvious choice. But we can’t ignore the fact that the Future Predator is by far the most deserved creature to belong at the top spot of this list. The Future Predators are the Dalek's of Primeval. What we knew early on was that they are descendants from bats, can literally see sound, are incredibly fast and can kill other predators with ease. It’s because you literally can’t escape a Future Predator that makes them different to the other creatures.

As well as this, the groundbreaking conclusion of season 1 taught us that anomalies can open from anywhere, to anytime, including our future. That is a terrifying prospect. It’s this guessing-game aspect of the Future Predators that makes them so watchable. 

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