Star Trek Into Darkness | World Premiere Extended Preview

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Star Trek Into Darkness - Poster

We've seen the first 9 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness... and it's epic!

With Benedict Cumberbatch (John Harrison), Alice Eve (Dr. Carol Marcus) and Bryan Burk (producer) also in the BFI IMAX audience, we knew this was going to be no ordinary screening. 

And it certainly wasn't! The initial scenes (only 9 minutes worth) are exhilarating and totally addictive – we meet our film’s villain and are left wondering if Spock will live or die. 

Opening in a futuristic London - the sheer scale and magnitude of the film are apparent. In 3D and IMAX, the images are crystal clear and the colour totally pops.  

The use of futuristic technologies blends seamlessly into the architecture and environment – with flying cars hovering by the Thames; and a hospital trolley floating through the corridors of a children’s hospital.

It’s in this hospital that we first meet the film’s villain – John Harrison, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Consoling a distraught father (played by fellow Brit, Noel Clarke), Harrison tells him "I can save your daughter." But at what price?

From there, we’re transported into space – with Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Nyota Uhura (Zoe Saldana) on a mission to diffuse a volcano before it erupts and kills the alien people living on the planet. Kirk (Chris Pine) is on this planet and has been on a fact finding mission, before he returns to the Enterprise to complete the mission with his team.

As with any great film and Star Trek plotline, it doesn’t go to plan and Spock is left stranded in the centre of the volcano (he’s wearing a heatproof suit, obviously) after his lifeline breaks.

With the volcano about to erupt and Nyota now safely on the Enterprise with Kirk, the crew are left with the dilemma, ‘do we risk our lives for that of Spock?’ We hope so!

After the screening it was our opportunity for a Q&A with Benedict, Alice and Bryan.

We were warned that J.J Abrams is “the most secretive man in the business”, so there would be more Q’s than there would be A’s from the panel.

Some sneaky journalists tried to push the question of Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan, but it was simply met with, ‘Benedict is playing John Harrison. There have been a load of rumours about Khan’. Not a definitive answer, but they’ve neither confirmed or denied the rumour!

Fresh off the plane from L.A, Benedict was happy to talk about his character,

     “He’s a homegrown terrorist… a one man weapon of mass destruction. It was great playing him.”

Alice Eve was clearly very excited and exclaimed that it was “great to bring the screening back home”. She also explained that she was pleased that she could now confirm that she’s playing Dr. Carol Marcus,

     "We made the decision last week in L.A. to reveal who my character is in the film… and you can see from the footage you’ve seen that I’m wearing a blue uniform!”

Even with only a 9 minute tease, we’re left with so many questions. Will Spock make it out? Is John Harrison Khan?

Bring on the release in May 2013!


Want to see the first 9 minutes of the film? This first-look at the movie will play in approximately 500 digital IMAX 3D theatres beginning December 14th.


Want more? See first look image and two seperate trailers (the Japanese one has an extra 12 seconds). Just click the links.  


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