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With brand new series Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files starting on Syfy we decided it would be appropriate for us to put a UK spin on the series. That’s why we enlisted the help of two Syfy collaborators, Amelia Tyler and Darren Mann, to give us a firmly British analysis of the supposedly paranormal footage investigated by the team in Fact or Faked.

There is a five minute long webisode to accompany all six episodes of Fact or Faked, and in each of them Darren and Amelia give their own take on some rather bizarre and occasionally ridiculous footage. Not as rigid in their analysis as their US counterparts, Amelia and Darren lay down their own theories with a broad smattering of good old British cynicism.

Amelia Tyler is a UK based actress and former voice over artist for Syfy. She’s also been known to dip her toe into the murky world of blogging having covered the 2009 San Diego Comic Con for us (in the coming weeks she’ll also be providing us with an inside look at the production of her latest film – Pulp). You can find out more about Amelia at

Darren Mann is an author, photographer, radio presenter and all round paranormal aficionado. As well as heading up – one of the webs leading destinations for news and coverage of UK based paranormal activity - and writing a new book on haunted Ireland, Darren has been writing for for the past two years, most recently providing tips on how to fake your own UFO photographs.

Fact or Faked webisode 1 can be seen here. A new webisode will be found on every Thursday after the broadcast of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files on Syfy.

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