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London - 19 February 2010 - Universal Networks International has today confirmed that V & HUMAN TARGET will be the launch pieces for the UK roll-out of Syfy on Tuesday 13th April as part of the channel's multi-million dollar global rebrand.

Syfy will arrive with a fresh new on-air look and "Imagine Greater" tagline as part of the global evolution of SCI FI to Syfy. The new channel will launch in the UK with the territory premiere of the highly anticipated and much talked about US series V - a 12x1-hour re-imagining of the groundbreaking alien invasion mini-series. The sought-after hit show will debut at 10pm on the Sky, Sky HD Virgin and Tiscali platforms.

Also packing a launch week punch will be the UK premiere of the high-octane, action-packed drama HUMAN TARGET, which kicks off its 12x1-hour run on Wednesday 14th April at 10pm.

"The rebrand allows us to build on the fantastic heritage of the channel and loyalty of our fans whilst further broadening the appeal of our existing range of great content," said Laurence Dawkin-Jones, MD (UK) Universal Networks International.

"These fantastic new shows are completely aligned to Syfy's new "Imagine Greater" brand message and tagline which asks viewers to look beyond the ordinary and discover the extraordinary."

Over the past year SCI FI channel in the UK has premiered a host of high-profile, first-run series including Dollhouse, Knight Rider, Warehouse 13, Legend of The Seeker and Eli Stone to great ratings success.

"We've established SCI FI channel as a pioneer of leading top-quality series - many of the shows we've launched have been subsequently picked up by other broadcasters," added Head of Channels James Newton.

"With Syfy we'll continue to build on that success and look forward to breaking some more fantastic shows over the coming months."

The evolution of the channel name to Syfy is part of Universal Networks International's initiative to reposition its brands with exciting new content and stunning new visual identities.

Because SCI FI is not only a channel but also describes a genre, the change to Syfy will allow for an extendable "umbrella" brand which can include fantasy, supernatural, reality, mystery, action and adventure.

"Syfy will continue to celebrate the traditional roots of the genre, while opening the brand to accommodate a broader range of imagination-based entertainment," added James. The rebrand is part of NBC Universal's multi-million dollar plan to reposition its global network of pay-tv channels around five new core brands - Syfy Universal, Studio Universal, Diva Universal, 13TH STREET Universal and Universal Channel - under the banner of Universal Networks International.

The core channel rebrand underlines NBC Universal's ongoing pay-TV channels expansion towards 100 international channels, led by Roma Khanna, President, Universal Networks International, investing in original content production (such as Haven with E1) and HD rollout (already in UK, France, Japan and Portugal) as central priorities to the growth strategy.

The SCI FI channel (Syfy from 10pm on Tuesday 13th April) is available on Sky 129, Sky HD 214, Virgin 135 and Tiscali 22).

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