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WATCH: American Horror Story: Apocalypse drops chaotic, dystopian fever dream of a full trailer

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We’re finally getting a good look at how all the moving parts from horror stories past will come together when the long-awaited eighth season of American Horror Story lands with a world-ending bang on FX next week. 

FX just released the full trailer for the upcoming American Horror Story: Apocalypse, and it's a chaotic, dystopian fever dream of a clip that manages to pack in something for just about everyone. Whether you’re a fan of Season 1 (Murder House), Season 3 (Coven), or the whole near-future apocalyptic vibe that showrunner Ryan Murphy has been cryptically teasing for months now, it all comes together in this nightmarish clip. 


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While it appears the center cannot hold as planes crash, cars collide, and California comes apart at the seams, elsewhere we get quieter creepiness. "Strangely satisfying isn't it — dispensing punishment. It’s our world now, to remold as we see fit,” Sarah Paulson’s new antagonist Venable, reveling in the new world order, tells Kathy Bates’ Mrs. Meade.

With wreckage, radiation, and the sort of refuge from it all where safety and security definitely don’t come for free, Apocalypse’s wide variety of sinister settings appears poised to help sell the storyline in much the same way that Coven, which leaned heavily into New Orleans’ atmospherics, managed to such great effect.

Regardless of whether you’re here for the mood, the scares, the story, or just the boatload of returning stars, the wait’s almost over. 



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