1. 22 Apr 14

    Warehouse 13: Final Season Secrets

    Posted by SyfyMonkeyBoy 

    in Warehouse 13 News

    Warehouse 13 stars Eddie McClintock (Pete), Joanne Kelly (Myka) and Jack Kenny (Exec Producer) talk about the final episodes

  2. 9 Apr 14

    Claire Holt as R in The Originals

    Claire Holt Interview

    Posted by SyfyMonkeyBoy 

    in The Originals

    Claire Holt talks about playing spunky vampire Rebekah, as The Originals reaches a dramatic turning point

  3. 19 Mar 14

    Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck

    What Katee did next

    Posted by SyfyMonkeyBoy 


    Katee Sackhoff, unforgettable as Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck, talks about her new horror movie and more

  4. 14 Mar 14

    The Originals: Marcel

    Marcel's vampire with a heart

    Posted by SyfyMonkeyBoy 

    in The Originals

    Charles Michael Davis, who plays vampire Marcel in The Originals, spills more than blood in our exclusive interview

  5. 11 Mar 14

    Against the Dark

    Seagal Vs Zombies!

    Posted by SyfyMonkeyBoy 

    in Films, Latest News, Syfy News

    Why is Steven Seagal battling flesh-eaters? Find out now

  6. 4 Mar 14

    The Originals: Klaus ( Joseph Morgan)

    Back with Bite

    Posted by SyfyMonkeyBoy 

    in The Originals, Latest News, Syfy News

    Get ready for the return of The Originals, back with bite. Read more

  7. 7 Nov 13

    Catch Up on The Originals

    Posted by Syfy_Admin 


    Catch Up on The Originals
    Have you missed any of The Originals?

  8. 17 May 13

    Syfy US Announces Fifth and Final Season of Original Series Warehouse 13

    Posted by editor 

    in Warehouse 13. Latest News, Syfy News

    Warehouse 13 will return for a fifth and final season

  9. 14 May 13

    Syfy US Renews Hit Series Defiance for a Second Season

    Posted by editor 

    in Latest News, Syfy News, Defiance

    Fancy a second season of Defiance?

  10. 8 Mar 13

    We’ve got some Fae-tastic news…

    Posted by editor 

    in Lost Girl, Lost Girl S3, Latest News, Syfy News

    We’re delighted to announce that everyone’s favourite supernatural seductress will be making her return to Syfy UK very soon!


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