United Kingdom Highlights

9:00 PM

Superhero Movie

10:50 PM

Disaster Movie

12:40 AM

Dead Rising: Endgame


  1. 6:00 AM

    Avengers Grimm

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  3. 11:00 AM


    Arthur's Bane – Part 1, Season 5, Episode 1

    Destruction is around the corner for Camelot as men disappear from the frozen north. King Arthur's search party leads them into more danger.


  1. 12:00 PM


    Arthur's Bane – Part 2, Season 5, Episode 2

    Merlin fears that ancient prophecies about Mordred may come true as even he can't sway Arthur from his chosen path.
  2. 1:00 PM


    The Death Song of Uther Pendragon, Season 5, Episode 3

    Arthur is given the power to summon the dead and speaks to his father. But his decision comes at a terrible price. Can Merlin fix Arthur's mistake?
  3. 2:00 PM


    Another's Sorrow, Season 5, Episode 4

    Morgana uses Princess Mithian to lure Arthur to his death. Will Merlin see through the deception before it's too late?
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  5. 5:00 PM

    Age of the Dragons


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  2. 9:00 PM

    Superhero Movie

  3. 10:50 PM

    Disaster Movie


  1. 12:40 AM

    Dead Rising: Endgame

  2. 2:40 AM

    Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

    Sinister Spirals/Flying Saucers, Season 2, Episode 9

    Ben, Lanisha and Devin head to Santa Ana, California to investigate a classic flying saucer case that has divided the UFO community for years.

  3. 3:40 AM

    The Captains Close Up

    William Shatner, Season 1, Episode 1

    William Shatner casts a glance back over the original five captains of the Enterprise, starting with himself and his role as captain James T Kirk.

  4. 4:10 AM

    Tornado Warning