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BAMMA is the leading Mixed Marital Arts (MMA) promotion in the UK with a huge following built around the explosive global interest in MMA, now the fastest growing sport in the world. As dedicated athletes and role models around the world, BAMMA fighters such as Tom ‘Kong’ Watson and Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley are a testament to the result of human endeavour. Pushing their limits in every fight, they challenge their opponents and spectators alike to Imagine Greater.


Jimi Manuwa (UK) vs. Antony Rea (France) (Light Heavyweight)


Joey Villasenor (USA)  vs. Jim Wallhead (UK)


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Meet the characters

Frank ‘Twinkle Toes’ Trigg
Frank ‘Twinkle Toes’ Trigg
(Middleweight) Hometown: New York, USA
Jimmy ‘Judo’ Wallhead
Jimmy ‘Judo’ Wallhead
(Middleweight) Hometown: Leicester, England
Jack ‘The Hammer’ Marshman
Jack ‘The Hammer’ Marshman
(Middleweight) Hometown: Gwent, Wales
Carl Noon
Carl Noon
(Middleweight) Hometown: Lancaster, England

Featured videos

BAMMA on Syfy

The Headline fight is between UFC veteran Frank Trigg and the UK’s Jimmy Wallhead and Britain's Paul Daley is now fighting Jordan Radev as well...!

BAMMA 5 Highlights

Take a look at the highlights of BAMMA 5. Don't forget to watch the live event of BAMMA 6 on Saturday 21st May at 9pm on Syfy. Find out more on BAMMA here.

Bamma 6: Interview With Tom "Kong" Watson

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Hi bailey1981 and DavePlayer.The 5 BAMMA events that will take place in 2011 will be live and exclusive on the UK Syfy channel and unfortunately not streamed on the site. We currently do not have this functionality on the site, but will keep it in mind for future development.We hope you got the chance to watch BAMMA 5 and enjoyed Team.

I won the 3rd prize in the BAMMA/SYFY competition to see the Tom Kong Watson fight but couldnt get transport to get there. I enter all the competitions week in and week out and the first time I win somthing I am unable to enjoy my prize, just my luck.

Wounded_Wolf's picture

Just want to say thanks, I've won tickets to watch BAMMA at the NIA, can't wait for it, should be a great night out. Cheers guys :-)))

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Not long back from BAMMA 7, I've got to say, i had an absolutely great night, Thank you Syfy for the tickets, one of the best win's I've ever had. Rob Sinclair's KO of Diego Vital was pure class, great right arm he's got. Although for me and I'm sure many others, the highlight of the night was Carl Noon VS Jack Marshman, the crowd were on their feet the whole way through, absolutely the best fight of the night and one of the best fights I've ever seen, Noon came out all guns blazing and dominated the first round, but seemed to have expended all his stamina far to soon, Marshman came back after an almighty pounding to show Noon exactly what he was made of, pure champion material, to claim the British Middleweight Title, and very deserved it was too. Can't wait till BAMMA 8. Bring it on Syfy, Bring It On.

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