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In Season 2 Audrey will come face to face with the mystery surrounding her identity in the form of the other Audrey Parker, a woman who shares her memories and identity. Audrey is faced with the realisation that she may be more linked to Haven and its troubles than she previously thought. She also embarks on a romance with a curmudgeonly marine biologist, Chris Brody (Jason Priestley).

Duke is also trying to solve a personal mystery – of the symbol he discovered in season 1, and the prophecy that someone with it tattooed on their body is destined to murder him. Complicating matters is the reappearance of his ex-wife and fellow con, Evi. Duke wants to keep Evi out of danger, but struggles to convince her that he has her best interests at heart, and not just another fat pay-off.

Nathan is learning to cope with the loss of his father in bizarre circumstances at the end of season 1, and is compelled to step into the role of Haven’s police chief to protect its troubled people from Reverend Driscoll, a man who feels that the good people of Haven need to be protected from the afflicted, and wants to chase them out of town.

Of course there are still episodic mysteries at the forefront of every episode with the character arcs forming a background. Episodic troubles include biblical plagues falling on Haven, machines coming to life and proving deadly, and a man who has the ability to absorb the afflictions of others.

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Emily Rose
Lucas Bryant
Eric Balfour
Jason Priestley

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If you can't catch the premiere tomorrow at 9pm, then we are showing episodes 1 and 2 again on Thursday at 9pm and Sunday at 7pm!Enjoy the

Acording to the tv guide it said the repeat is on Friday at 9pm.
Is this right.'s picture

Hi tigger39We currently do not offer a VOD service on, but have managed to get the rights to show episode 1 of Haven online until tomorrow at 10pm. We will not be able to show any more episodes online unfortunately, but we do offer other exclusive content instead like sneak peeks of the next episodes on Syfy, plus we have a range of interviews coming too.We hope you enjoy the show, which premieres every Tuesday at 9pm and repeats weekly on Fridays at 9pm and Sundays at 8pm!'s picture

The content that is currently available on our online player is intended to support our TV channel with interviews and TV spots etc, rather than to provide an on-demand service for our programmes or films.  Full online episodes are not currently available because of rights issues/negotiations, but we hope you enjoy the extra content we have for Haven.If you’ve missed any episodes of Haven you can re-watch the entire second season from December 19th from 3pm on's picture

We were lucky enough to offer you VOD for the first episode of Haven to give users a taster of the show, but do not have sufficient rights to show the rest of the series online. We are constantly looking for new ways to offer more content to everyone visiting our site, but legal restrictions are different in the US compared to the UK, so we are limited as to what we can ultimately offer.If you’ve missed any episodes of Haven you can re-watch the entire second season from December 19th from 3pm on's picture

Hi brettcoolHaven is actually produced by Syfy, so we get access to loads of great content for you, which we add to the site. When we promote other shows we strive to get similar content and do as much as we can for them, but it depends on what is approved for us to use.We have been very fortunate with Haven to have had so much great content and we hope in future we can get as much for others shows too. Anything we do receive we get on the website as soon as we can for you to enjoy.Keep Imagining!

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