Haven: Series 5

There's something strange going on in the town of Haven... Can Emily, Lucas and Eric save the townsfolk from their supernatural afflictions?

When the local lighthouse crumbles into the ocean, the residents think it might just be a natural disaster but little do they know— Audrey/Mara and her motley crew caused the implosion. And speaking of Mara… sadly, the last time we saw Audrey she wasn't herself.

After banishing her supernatural ex-boyfriend, William, to another dimension, she reverted back into Mara, her original personality.

Back in the present, everyone who was in the lighthouse when it collapsed has been scattered to random places around Haven.

When Nathan finds Audrey, his joy is short lived. Turns out that Mara is only pretending to be Audrey so that she can find Jennifer and re-open the doorway that William disappeared into.