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"Life is hard when you don't know who you are. It's harder when you don't know what you are"

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About Lost Girl Season 4

Catch-up with the latest series of Lost Girl, as Syfy brings you another chance to see Season 4 - starting Saturday 7th June & Sunday 8th June at 11pm, then each following weekend Saturday and Sunday night. 

(Please check the Syfy Schedule for the latest transmission times and changes)

Fate casts a wide shadow over the Fae world. With Bo’s (Anna Silk; Being Erica, Ghost Whisperer) return, we see the lines between Dark and Light fae blurred causing Bo to venture into a journey of discovery.

Bo and company will ultimately realise that regardless of the challenges and enemies they face, they’re stronger when they face them together.

Bo (Anna Silk) 

Bo is a Succubus, a powerful female entity in folklore who feeds off sexual energy. Raised by human parents, Bo had no reason to believe she was anything other than the girl next door - until she “drained” her first boyfriend to death. Bo then discovers that she is one of the Fae, creatures of legend that pass as humans while secretly feeding off them. Faced with choosing between an allegiance to the Dark or Light Fae clans, Bo takes the middle path between the human and Fae worlds, while embarking on a mission to unlock the secrets of her origin. Her succubus nature tangles her in an intense and evolving love triangle with Dyson, a shape-shifting Fae and homicide detective, and Lauren, a human doctor who has found a way, through science, to help give Bo the sexual self control she’s been aching for. Navigating this complicated life with Bo is her street-smart “bestie” and partner in crime, Kenzi.

Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) 

A shape-shifting Light Fae and homicide detective, Dyson is Bo’s mysterious, stoic and handsome love interest. Dyson’s undercover detective work helps protect the Fae while keeping his cover in the human world. A lone wolf at heart, Dyson’s love for Bo has an eternal strength. His allegiance to the Fae and his protective instinct with Bo often gets him into trouble at work. But Dyson, a noble friend and wolf, has no problem risking his life for his friends or for the overall good of the Fae.

Kenzi (Ksenia Solo)

Kenzi is a street-smart human and Bo’s main confidante. Kenzi has developed a close connection to the Fae world proving herself as a useful part of their cause, as a tougher- then-average human with a close and important network of Fae friends. Her savvy, pragmatic nature makes her protective of Bo, who can be tricked in ways that Kenzi cannot. Unlike Bo, Kenzi refuses to dwell on the darkness of her own past. She is a true survivor. Kenzi and Bo have forged their own new family filled with love and understanding.

LAUREN (Zoie Palmer)

Lauren is Bo’s human lover and formerly a doctor for the Light Fae. An experienced global scientist, Lauren’s work with the Fae gives her the medical knowledge to be a true asset to the gang. Although their relationship began as a result of Lauren’s secret mission for the Ash, Bo has come to rely on Lauren – and Lauren on Bo. She escaped after unwittingly betraying the Fae at the end of Season 3. 

TRICK (Rick Howland)

Trick is the ancient and noble Blood King, but lives undercover as the mysterious owner and bartender of The Dal Riata Tavern, a “way station” that serves as neutral territory for the local Fae. Trick is also Bo’s grandfather, and he has served as her personal rock as she searched for her origins and learned about her Fae powers. Though he prefers to avoid the spotlight, Trick is the most knowledgeable about the Fae and isn’t afraid to intervene for the greater good of the Fae and provide guidance to his friends when they need him. 

HALE (K.C. Collins)

In the human world, Hale is a detective, Dyson’s partner on the force. In the Fae world, he's a charming male “Siren” - capable of swaying others with his beautiful voice; formerly an eternal bachelor from the noble Fae clan of Zamora and the ultimate wingman. Hale served as the Ash in season 3. A talented cop and loyal friend, Hale's greatest strengths are backing the people closest to him, protecting them from harm and supporting them in tough situations. 

Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten)

A kick-ass cop with trust issues and a generous anti-authorative streak. She’s bi-sexual, up for anything and running from everything. A warrior (literally; she’s a Valkyrie), Tamsin is a tomboy with great instincts and an infectious lust for life – though she shuts down when questioned about her dark past. A sexy, beer-drinking, bar-brawling, fiercely loyal anti-hero.

VEX (Paul Amos)

A Dark Mesmer with a hard S&M outside, a nougaty inside and the kind of sharp Brit wit that can induce a giggle or cut to someone’s core, Vex began as a vile enemy in season one, grew to be a cautious ally by the end of season two, and eventually became Bo and Kenzi’s roommate and an almost-friend by the end of Season 3. 

THE MORRIGAN (Emmanuelle Vaugier)

The Morrigan is the leader of the local Dark Fae, and feeds off the genius of artists.  She leaves a wake of talented actors, models and musicians dead in her trail, covering up their true causes of death with staged suicides, plane crashes and overdoses.  At first, Bo was charmed by The Morrigan’s manic energy and playfulness, but she soon realized her true selfish, vain and dangerously socipathic nature

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