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V Season 1

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About Season 1

V is the smash hit US drama series about the mysterious Visitors who come to Earth with a message of hope and peace. In their hour of need the human race find their saviour in the V’s, but are the Visitors all that they claim to be? Sceptical humans begin to develop an agenda of their own; Resistance.

V stars Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) as FBI agent Erica Evans, Morris Chestnut as Ryan Nichols, Joel Gretsch as Father Jack, with Morena Baccarin (Firefly) as Anna, the beautiful V leader, and Scott Wolf (Party of Five) as Chad Decker.

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Meet the characters

Morena Baccarin
Father Jack Landry
Father Jack Landry
Joel Gretsch
Chad Decker
Chad Decker
Scott Wolf
Erica Evans
Erica Evans
Elizabeth Mitchell

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If you're struggling to remember some of the important moments of the first season of V here's your chance to catch up, SPOILER ALERT!!!. V season 2 starts March 24th at 9pm

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A teaser video of the next season of V

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Elizabeth Mitchell talks to us about her V character, Erica, and how she relates to her.


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i no they suck.

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l have watched up 2 episode 6 & it has got better the first few was not as good but now they really getting better.'s picture

Hi everyone,Regarding the online catch-up service for V, we were really excited to be able to bring you Episode 1 on demand, completely free for a week. But unfortunately due to the regulations of our licensing agreement we are not allowed to show full episodes of V beyond episode 1.This is a great shame as we would love to be able to bring you the entire series on demand. Rest assured that at Syfy we are committed to bringing you more choice in the ways you choose to watch our content, and going forward we will be exploring all avenues of Video On Demand so that we can continue what we have started with the first episodes of both V and Human Target.The Syfy Team's picture

Some of our beloved viewers will have experienced a disappointment if the timeslot they set their Sky+ or V+ for was one of the many repeats we aired, because the pattern changed in the last week due to a special event across the Prime Time schedule from Monday 28th June, so all repeats of the finale were scheduled in the previous week.  The premiere episodes of "V" aired every Tuesday at 10pm (the only exception was on launch night of 13th April when we aired a double-bill, so episode 2 was at 11pm).  In all of our marketing, PR and on-air promotions we only communicated the Tuesday at 10pm message as this was the chosen timeslot for the series.  Repeats were scheduled at various times across the week in Prime Time in an effort to allow for the most convenient consumption for our viewers. Where possible, we do aim to keep repeats at the same time, to avoid such situations, however they are prone to movement.  Things affecting this are licensing windows (plays may have expired) or other programming events taking precedence.  We have shown each episode the maximum number of times for our current license, however we do plan to air the series from the beginning again in the near future, hopefully towards the end of the year, but as yet unconfirmed.  We will bear this in mind for future scheduling, but for now it's best to ascertain the premiere episode and record from that slot as it's very unlikely to move from there. The Syfy Team

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