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Season 2 picked up where it left off in Season 1’s finale, when Anna unleashed Red Sky on the planet. With the world on the brink of war and chaos all around, is there anyone who can stand up to Anna? Ryan has been kept in isolation on the mothership, so that Anna can experiment on his hybrid baby and Chad, seeking redemption for being used by Anna, now wants to fight with the Fifth Column.

Erica goes on a journey to find Dr. Sidney Miller (recurring guest star BRET HARRISON – Reaper), a scientist who can give her the answers to what Red Sky is; there, she learns the horrifying secret of what the V's are doing on our planet. JANE BADLER (original V series, Neighbours) appears as Anna's mother, Diana and will be a recurring guest star.

Other recurring guest stars include ROARK CRITCHLOW (The Mentalist, Mending Fences, Afterworld) as A.D. Paul Kendrick, REKHA SHARMA (Battlestar Galatica, Smallville) as Agent Malik, MARK HILDRETH (The Tudors) as Joshua and CHRISTOPHER SHYER (Whistler, Along Came a Spider) as Marcus.

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